Little Snowflake's Big Adventure

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儿童英语阅读:Little Snowflake's Big Adventure
---by Steve Metzger

It was winter once again. The Little Snowflake and his friends were sitting in a big, gray cloud. They were getting ready to fall to the ground.

"I hope I land in a big skating rink," said Susie Snowflake.

"Me, too," said Frozen Freddie.

"Why?" asked the Little Snowflake. " What's so special about a skating rink?"

"That's where people go slipping and sliding on a circle of ice," replied Susie Snowflake." I want to do that, too."

"That sounds like fun!" the Little Snowflake said.

Suddenly, the north wind blew all the snowflakes out of the big, gray cloud. At first, the Little Snowflake, Frozen Freddie, and Susie Snowflake were stuck together as they fell.

"Hey, this is great!" the Little Snowflake said. Gliding from side to side, they giggled as they drifted toward the ground.

All at once, another gust of wind blew the snowflakes apart and sent them in different directions.

"Good-bye,"the Little Snowflake called out. I hope I see them later, he thought.

The Little Snowflake began doing somersaults in the air. " Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen," he counted as hefell.

A moment later, he felt something sharp.

"Ouch!" the Little Snowflake shouted as he landed on top of a pine tree.

Then he heard," Hi, who are you?" It was the friendly voice of another snowflake.

"I'm the Little Snowflake," he said. " What's your name?"

"I'm Patty," she said. " I lost one of my points when I landed on this tree."

"That's all right, "the Little Snowflake said. " You look fine to me."

" She doesn't have six points," another snowflake said in a loud voice.

" She's not a real snowflake."

Patty began to cry.

"She is too a real snowflake," the Little Snowflake said, " just like you and me."

"NO, she isn't!" the mean snowflake said. Just then, a cardinal landed on a branch, shaking it up and down.

The mean snowflake lost his balance and slipped off.

"Hey!" he said, falling toward the ground. "I liked sitting on that tree."

"I won't miss that guy," the Little Snowflake said.

"He wasn't very nice," said Patty. " Am I really still a snowflake?" she asked as she stopped crying.

"Absolutely!" the Little Snowflake smiled at each other.

"Look! There's the ice-skating rink!" the Little Snowflake said." Do you want to go skating?" We can slip and slide and have lots of fun!"

"Sure," Patty said. " Let's go!"

The Little Snowflake and Patty jumped off the pine tree together.


A gust of wind blew them onto something that was hard and smooth and very cold.

"What's this?" Patty asked.

The Little Snowflake looked down and saw his reflection.

"We've landed on the ice!" he said to Patty. "Now we can play!"

The Little Snowflake and Patty laughed as they slid together.

Suddenly, they heard a scraping sound coming closer and closer to them. It was an ice-skater with red mittens. Her skates were just about to crash into the Little Snowflake and Patty! At the last possible moment, the two snowflakes jumped up and landed on the tip of one of her skates.
"Whew," the Little Snowflake said. " That was close."

"Hold on tight," Patty said as the ice-skater went faster and faster.

The Little Snowflake and Patty enjoyed watched the other skaters go by. Sometimes they saw skaters slip and fall down.

"Oops, there goes another one," Patty said.

All of a sudden, the skater with red mittens swerved to avoid a little boy. She struggled to keep her balance, but she couldn't. The Little Snowflake and Patty went zooming through the air. They flew out of the ice-skating rink and landed, WHAM, right on a frozen puddle.

"All you all right?" Patty asked the Little Snowflake.

"I'm fine," he answered. Then the Little Snowflake looked around and saw SUSIE Snowflake and Frozen Freddie. "Hey! It's my old friends."

Patty was happy to meet Susie and Freddy.

"Look where we are!" the Little Snowflake said.

"What's so special about a frozen puddle?" Susie Snowflake asked.

"It can be our very own ice-skating rink," the Little Snowflake replied.

"Now skaters can't crash into us."

"Watch me!" Patty said as she did figure eights on the frozen puddle.

"Now it's my turn,"Frozen Freddie said as he began to skate backward. He was doing fine until he bumped into a stick.

Susie Snowflake did ballerina spins and the Little Snowflake leaped through the air.

"I'm having so much fun!" Frozen Freddie said. "But I'm getting tired."

"Let's do one big trick," the Little Snowflake said, "before we stop."

They decided to climb on top of one another until they were four snowflakes high. With the Little Snowflake on the bottom and Patty on top, they wibbled and wobbled across the frozen puddle. After a few minutes, they lost their balance and fell all over the ice. "The snowflake friends laughed and laughed.

"This is the best day I've ever had!" the Little Snowflake said with his biggest smile. "What a great adventure!"