8B Unit4 A charity show教案

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8B Unit4 A charity show教案
第一课时 Comic strip and Welcome to the unit
1. 知识目标:
(1) 词汇:charity, microphone, fund-raising, advertise, leaflet, cat
(2)短语:hold a microphone拿着话筒 be the host of a charity show做慈善演出的主持人 a charity show 一次慈善演出 practice a lot多练习 practice sth/ doing sth练习做某事 only if除非 sleep less during the day白天少睡点 advertise on the Internet在英特网上登广告 give out (leaflets) 散发(传单) organize a charity show组织一次慈善演出 Project Green Hope绿色希望工程 Project Hope希望工程 Save China’s Tigers拯救中国虎
Spring Bud Project春蕾计划 in poor areas在贫困地区 help protect rivers and lakes in China帮助保护中国的河、湖 raise money捐款, a charity show一次慈善演出,
(3)重点句型:Because I’ve been chosen to be the host of a charity show. Only if you sleep less during the day.
2. 技能目标:1 ) 介绍学生能做的具体的慈善活动
2 ) 激活学生对慈善活动的了解
3. 情感目标:激发学生对本地慈善活动以及参与这些活动的兴趣
1. 检查学生的预习效果:小组讨论预习中存在的问题,老师点拨。
2. 激发兴趣,学生谈知道的公益活动。
3. 图片教学microphone, host。
4. Hobo has been chosen to be the host of a charity show. How about Eddie? Can Eddie be a good host? Let’s find the answer together.
5. 播放Comic strip录音, 分析朗读。
6. 图片教学a charity show, raise money。
7. We can hold a charity show to raise money for charities. Do you know any other ways to raise money?
8. 学生完成P61 Part A连线题,核对答案。
9. 投影呈现P61 Part B,what’s the name of this charity? What does it do?
10. 完成练习,核对,朗读
11. 布置作业。
一、 预习*导学:
1, 生词,部分,根据音标和规则试着读,再听录音读几遍吧,并理解他们的词义和词性,
2, 看Comic strip 部分,听录音。
3, Welcome to the unit 部分,P61 Part A 配对。
4, P61 Part B,完成句子。
A, 根据首字母提示完成下列句子:
1, The students are organizing a c show to raise money.
2, If you want to learn English well, you must p a lot.
3, Some film stars wanted to r money for the patient.
4, We can give out l to ask people to donate money.
5, Project Hope helps schools and students in p areas.
6, Spring Bud Project helps poor young girls r to school.
7, They often a on TV. So many people know their names.
8, The boy w he could fly like a bird.
1,拿着话筒 2,做慈善演出的主持人
3,一次慈善演出 4,多练习
5,练习做某事 6,除非
7,白天少睡点 8,在英特网上登广告
9,散发(传单) 10,组织一次慈善演出
11,Project Green Hope 12, Project Hope
13, Spring Bud Project 14, in poor areas
15,help protect rivers and lakes in China
16, raise money 17, a charity show
1.Only if you sleep less during the day.
only if ”决不,除非”
2.We can advertise on the internet.
Advertise”给......做广告”;advertisement n.”广告”
3.We should give out leaflets to ask people to donate money.
give out ”分发,发布” , ask (sb.) for sth. “(向某人)讨要某物” ask sb. (not) to do sth. “叫某人(别)做某事”
4.I wish I could be the host. 我希望我能成为主持人。
wish 1) v. “祝愿” wish sb. sth. E.g. I wish you a happy new year. wish (sb.) to do sth. We wish to visit China. We wish you to have a good time. wish +(that) 从句. I wish (that) you will have a good time. 2) n. “愿望,祝愿”make a wish “许个愿”, best wishes “最好的祝愿”
host 1) v. “主持” She hosted many charity shows. 2) n. “主持人” Beijing will be the host of 29th Olympic Games.
5.Well, you must practise a lot if you want to be a good host.
“练习,实践”practise v. practise doing sth. practice n. Practice makes perfect.
6.Why don’t we organize a charity show? 我们为什么不组织一次慈善募捐活动呢?
1)Why not do sth.? = Why don’t sb. do sth.? 2) organize v. “组织” organization n. “组织” organizer n. “组织者”
( 经过学习,你一定更好地掌握了本课内容吧?来试试你的身手吧!)
(一) 基础题:
A . 改写同义句:
1, Why don’t we stop and have a rest?
Why have a rest?
2, Let’s go shopping this afternoon.
go shopping this afternoon.
3, I hope we’ll see you soon.
I hope you soon.
4, Many people were ill because the weather was bad.
Many people were ill .
5, It’s our duty to study hard.
is our duty.
6, No time to be nervous any more.
time to be nervous.
7, I had to walk to school because my bike was broken.
My bike was broken I had to school .
B. 选择题:
1,He was made the blackboard.
A, clean B, to clean C, cleaning D, cleaned
2,I hope all of my classmates yesterday’s exam.
A, to past B, to pass C, past D, passed
3,Why don’t the money for Project Hope.
A, raise B, we raise C, to raise D, raising
4,Let’s make a poster, ?
A, will we B, shall we C, will you D, don’t you
5,Please don’t eat food.
A, much too B, too much C, most D, many
( 大家都来比一比,要细心哦!)
(二) 提高题:
1, 我打算主持英语晚会。
I’m going of the English evening.
2, 我希望我能飞到月球上去。
I I to the moon.
3, 你英语为什么讲得这样好?因为我经常练习说。
Why you English ?
Because I often it.
4, 如果你能少睡多运动,你就会更健康。
If you and , you’ll be .
5, 他们经常散发传单叫人们不要吸烟。
They often to ask people not to smoke.
6, 他们举办慈善活动目的是为希望工程募捐。
They’re organizing a to for .
牛津初中英语8B Unit 4 A Charity Show 讲学稿
课题:第二课时 Reading(A)
1. 知识目标:
(1)词汇:host, camera, pop, job, introduce, duty, event, fan, seem, business, organization, goods, public
(2)短语: help(sb.) with sth., help (sb.) do sth帮忙(某人)做某事 have/hold a meeting开一个会 have/hold a charity show举办一次慈善演出 raise money for sb. 为某人(某组织)筹款/募捐 donate sth.(money) to sb. 捐某物(钱)给某人 those organizers那些组织者 choose sb to do sth选某人做--- because of the TV caneras由于电视摄象机 start working on the show开始演出排练 introduce sb to sb把某人介绍给某人 introduce oneself自我介绍 have many other duties有许多别的职责 hard work艰苦的工作 work hard努力工作(学习) remember to do sth记得去做某事 remember doing sth记得做过某事 at the right time在适当的时候 remember to look at the right camera at the right time记得在适当的时候找准机 in the beginning = at first在开始;起初 in the end = at last = finally在末尾;最后 at the same time在同时 do everything right把每件事做对 become a little bit easier变得容易一点 the night before the big event这件大事的前一天晚上 can’t sleep at all根本睡不着 the way to success成功之道 keep asking myself ,keep doing sth. 一直问我自己(一直做某事) come/ go into the theatre走进剧院 have no time to do sth没时间做某事 the fans of the pop stars那些流行明星的迷 speak loudly47大声地说话 hope to do sth希望做某事 best wishes 最好的祝福 seem to do sth似乎要---- seem angry/ to be angry似乎生气 have a lot of support from local businesses得到当地企业的大力技持
(3)重点句型: A lot of work needed to be finished. It was, my job to introduce each star. No time to be nervous any more. Everything seemed to happen so fast, and now it is all over. I hope more events like this will be organized to raise money for charity.
1) 读一篇有关一次义演的电子邮件
2) 根据关键词和上下文猜测课文大意
3. 情感目标:享受英语诗歌的美感,培养学习英语的兴趣。
1. 复习Comic strip和Welcome to the unit,问We have learnt about some charities. Can you tell me their names? Why do people organize charity shows? 学生谈论慈善义演。
2. Ricky was the host of a charity show. He wrote an e-mail to his cousin Kitty. Let’s see what he has written in his e-mail. 导入课文。
3. 图片教学duty, job, business等生词。
4. Ricky helped with a charity show to raise money for Project Green Hope. Was the show a success? 学生快速阅读课文,获取信息。
5. 完成P64 Part C1 判断正误。
6. 解释课文重点难点。
7. 听录音,朗读。
8. 布置作业。
1, 生词,部分,根据音标和规则试着读,再听录音读几遍吧,并理解他们的词义和词性,
2,阅读课文,完成P64 Part C1 判断正误。
3, 找出你觉得有困难的地方,做好标记。
A: 英汉互译:
1,举办一次慈善演出 2,为某人(某组织)筹款/募捐
3,捐某物(钱)给某人 4,由于电视摄象机
5,把某人介绍给某人 6,有许多别的职责
7,在适当的时候 8, 在开始;起初
9, at the same time 10, do everything right
11, become a little bit easier 12, the night before the big event
13, the way to success 14, keep asking myself
15, the fans of the pop stars 16, speak loudly
1, I am nervous because of the TV (镜头)。
2, Twenty minutes later, many people came into the (剧场)。
3, Don’t worry. I can look after (I) well at school.
4, I had to speak (大声地) because of too much noise.
5, Best (愿望) for Teacher’s Day.
1.It was exciting, but I was also very nervous because of the TV cameras.
because 引导原因状语从句。so 引导结果状语从句。(在同一句子中只能用其中之一)He was late because he was ill. = He was ill, so he was late.
2.because of +名词/代词/名词性短语/动名词短语。 He was late because of his illness.
2.We started working on the show two months ago.
work on “致力于,抓紧办”
3.Because, for, since
Because直接明了地指出原因。E.g. he didn’t know me because I was new.
For所指出的原因不如because直接,往往有补充说明的意思。E.g. forgive me for keeping you waiting.
since 没有because正式,常放在句首。E.g. Since we have no money, we can’t buy it.
4.I am sorry that I did not write to you earlier. 我很抱歉没有早点给你写信。
sorry adj. “难过的,惋惜的,对不起的,后悔的” be sorry to do sth. be sorry for sth./ doing sth. write to = write a letter to
5.I wanted to raise money for Project Green Hope. 我想为“绿色希望工程”捐款。raise “举起,筹款,饲养” raise the dumbbell, raise funds, raise cows
6.There was a lot of work to do so I was very busy. 有许多工作要做,因此我很忙。
work n. (u) “工作”a piece of work, a job work v. “工作” worker n. “工人” It was my job to introduce each star.= My job was to introduce each star.
be busy with sth. / be busy doing sth.
7.I knew that lots of people would watch the show and many famous pop stars would come too.我知道许多人会来看义演,而且许多当红明星也会来。
watch n. “手表” pl. watches v. “观看” watch sb. do sth be famous for “以什么而著称,因什么而出名” be famous as “作为……而出名,著名的……” be famous to “在……中有名”
8.I had to remember to look at the right camera at the right time. 我得记住在恰当的时间看对摄像机。 Remember to do sth. “记得做某事”(还未做)remember doing sth “记得做过某事” I remembered closing the door, but it is open now. Remember to close the door before you leave.
9.In the beginning, I thought I would never be able to … 开始时,我认为我绝不可能…… in the beginning=at first at the beginning of …
10.I kept asking myself. 我不停地问自己。keep v. “保持,保存,保留” e.g. How long can I keep the book? “使保持……状态” keep (sb.) doing sth. e.g. She kept crying all night. Sorry to have kept you waiting. “记(日记,账等)” She keeps a diary every day. “ 饲养” I like keeping dogs.
11,Success n “成功,胜利” successful adj, “成功的,胜利的” succeed v. “成功,胜利” succeed in doing sth. Will it be a success. = Will it be successful.
( 经过学习,你一定更好地掌握了本课内容吧?来试试你的身手吧!)
(一) 基础题:
1,I felt when we got a success.
A, happily B, happy C, sad D, sadly
2,We should plant trees the right time.
A, in B, on C, at D, before
3,I was about the match.
A, excited, excited B, exciting, exciting C, exciting, excited D, excited, exciting
4,John was unhappy he failed in the exam.
A, because B, because of C, so D, as
5,There is only water in the bottle.
A, a bit B, a little of C, a bit of D, a few
( 大家都来比一比,要细心哦!)
(二) 提高题:
1. It was my job to introduce each star.
My job introduce each star.
2. I couldn’t sleep at all that night because I was so excited.
I was to sleep that night.
3.There was a lot of work to do so I was very busy.
I was very busy I a lot of work to do.
4. Everything seemed to be all right.
that everything all right.
5. I had to speak loudly because of lots of fans there.
I had to speak loudly were lots of fans there.
1, 有许多工作要做,因此我很忙。
There a lot of work , so I was very .
‘ it be ?’ I myself.
3, 每个人都很慷慨,我们得到地方商业部门的大力支持。
Everyone and we had from local businesses.
4, 我是如此的兴奋以至于一点也睡不着。
I couldn’t because I was .
, everything became .

牛津初中英语8B Unit 4 A Charity Show 讲学稿
课题:第三课时 Reading B & C
1. 知识目标:
(2)短语:help people in need帮助困难的人 make money by selling goods and services通过卖东西或提供服务来挣钱 introduce the guests in a show 在表演中介绍来宾 at a big theatre在大剧院 get a good result得到一个好的结果 the aim of doing sth. 做某事的目的 public activities公众活动 have a lot of things to do 有很多事情做 twenty minutes before the show演出前20分钟 donate money to Project Green Hope捐钱给绿色希望工程
(3) 重点句型:His main job was to introduce the pop stars. It was Ricky’s job to talk to each star. He felt very happy to be chosen as the host. Ricky was so excited that he could not sleep the night before .
2. 技能目标:
3. 情感目标:享受英语诗歌的美感,培养学习英语的兴趣。
1. 朗读1~2段,讨论问题:
Why didn’t Ricky write to Kitty earlier?
Why did he help with the charity show?
How did he feel?
2. 读3~7段,按时间分三小部分。
Time Paragraph
Before the show Two months ago 3--4
The night before the big event 5
Twenty minutes before the show 6
During the show 6
After the show 7
3. 读3~4段,完成表格。
Starting time (two months ago)
My job (introduce each star)
Practice (look at the right camera at the right time)
Feeling (hard work but happy)
4. 读5~7段,回答问题:
(1) How did Ricky felon the night before the show?
(2) What happened twenty minutes before the show?
(3) What did Ricky tell himself at that time?
(4) How do you know the show was a success at last?
5. 完成Part C2,核对,朗读。
6,两人一组,分别扮演Ricky 和Simon。Simon is going to be a host of a charity show and he iasks Ricky about the work and his feelings. 相互问答。
7,完成P63 PartB1和 PartB2,核对,分角色朗读。
8, 布置作业。
1, 生词,部分,根据音标和规则试着读,再听录音读几遍吧,并理解他们的词义和词性,
3,完成P63 PartB1和 PartB2。
4, 找出你觉得有困难的地方,做好标记。
1, a : the people who come to watch a show/a play
2, e : the gate to let people out of a room or a building
3, m : something used to make your voice sound louder in front of your mouth
4, s : an area where actors, dancers, singers, etc. perform
5, p : a person who performs in a show
6, c : it hangs in front of the stage
7, d : give something to people in need
8, h : the person who introduces the gusets in a show
9, c : an organization for helping people in need
10, f : a person who likes somebody or something very much
B: 根据课文内容补全单词:
Ricky was chosen to be the host of a charity show. He was excited but n because the TV c . They started working on the show two months ago. His job was to i each star and he also had many other d . He had to r to look at the right camera at the right time. In the b , he thought he couldn’t do it well. But slowly everything became a little bit e . At the show, he had to speak l because the fans made a lot of n . After the show, they found that they had a lot of s from local b . They d a lot of money to Project Green Hope.
1. This is it. “这是关键时刻。”
2.rise (rose risen) /raise (raised raised)
Rise是自身“上升,上涨”;而raise是将什么“提高,举起,抬起” e.g. The sun has not risen yet. He raised his glass and said, “Your health, Carl.”
3. The fans of the pop stars were making a lot of noise.
noise n.(u) “嘈杂声” make much noise noisy adj. “嘈杂的” It’s too noisy here. noiseless adj. “无声的”
4. I had to speak loudly. 我不得不大声说话。 loudly adv. “大声地,响亮地” aloud adv. “出声地” read aloud 朗读 loud adj. “大声的,响亮的” a loud noise I can’t hear you, please speak louder (more loudly).
5. Everything seemed to happen so fast. 一切似乎发生得很快。seem vi. “似乎,看起来好像” seem to do sth. It seems (that) +从句 e.g. He seemed to be late. = It seemed that he was late.
happen “(事故,意外)偶然发生” take place “(预料到的,计划中的) 发生” 主语都是事情,没有被动语态。 An accident happened to her. Grreat changes have taken place in our hoimetown.
Sb. happen to do sth. (某人)碰巧做某事 I happened to see the accident happen.
6. Every one was very generous and we had a lot of support from local business. 所有人都很大方,而且我们得到了地方商界的大力支持。 generous “慷慨的,大方的” e.g. He is generous to others. He is generous with his money. He is generous in giving help. support n. (u) “支持,支援” get much support vt. “支持,支援,证实”support sb. busimess n. “生意,商业,职责” be (go) on business “出差” pl. businesses businessman “商人”
7. hope 用法①hope to do sth ②hope +宾从 不能用hope sb. to do sth.
wish 用法①wish (sb.) to do sth
③wish + 宾语 + 形容词(作宾补)
( 经过学习,你一定更好地掌握了本课内容吧?来试试你的身手吧!)
(一) 基础题:
1, success successful successfully
1) ‘ will it be a ?’I kept asking myself.
2) All the students did very well in the sports meeting. The headmaster was very happy because it was very .
3) In the end the doctor finished doing the operation .
2, rise raise
1) The sun in the east and sets in the west.
2) If you have any questions, please your hand.
3, because of because
1) The teacher was angry he was often late.
2) The teacher was angry his bad homework.
4, instead instead of
1) On Sundays Tom usually watches TV at home playing football at school.
2) Miss Li was ill so I took her class .
1, My mother always gets up than I in my family. (early)
2, I felt very happy when they me to host the evening. (host)
3, One of my is to take care of these children. (duty0
4, To be good at ping-pong, you should practise it every day. (play)
5, The Earth is our home. It must well. (protect)
6, There are many (busy) in our town, and many people work here.
7, We can see many (advertise) in the newspaper every day.
8, We are talking about (hold) a charity show this weekend.

( 大家都来比一比,要细心哦!)
(二) 提高题:
1, 我们相信我们会从当地企业获得很多的支持。
We we will get a lot of from .
2, 我一直问我自己:“我会是一个成功的主持人吗?”
I myself, ‘ Will I be a ? `
3, 我们经常在街上看到人们发传单。
We often see people in the street.
4, 他们很乐意为希望工程做些事。
They are willing Project Hope.
5, 有了你们的支持,我们一定能赢得比赛。
, we are sure to win the game.
6, 我在两个月前就开始着手做演出的准备工作了。
I the show .

牛津初中英语8B Unit 4 A Charity Show 讲学稿

课题:第四课时 Vocabulary
1. 知识目标:
( 1 ) 词汇:audience, curtain, stage, voice, actor, perform, hang
( 2 ) 短语:make your voice sound louder使你的声音听起来更大一些 a person who performs in a show在剧中表演的人 hang in front of the stage挂在舞台前
( 3 ) 重点句型: It makes your voice sound louder.
2. 技能目标:熟悉并使用与剧院有关的词汇和表达法
3. 情感目标:培养学生自主学习、完成任务的能力。
1, 图片教学host, microphone.
2, 问:Does Eddie want to be a good host? Do you know how to be a good host of a charity show? 引导学生回忆Reading部分内容。
3,问:Where can we hold a charity show? (theatre)。鼓励学生说出剧场各部分的名称,阐述用途,板书,朗读。
4,学生独立完成P65 PartA,注意单词拼写。
5,P65 PartB, 学生快速完成,核对。
1, 生词,部分,根据音标和规则试着读,再听录音读几遍吧,并理解他们的词义和词性,
2,完成P65 PartA。
3,完成P65 PartB。
4, 找出你觉得有困难的地方,做好标记。
1. As a student, it is your d to study.
2. Do you still r the first day we came to the school.
3. Father Christmas is a g person. He gives money to the poor.
4. It s that it is going to rain.
5. A lot of a are waiting for the famous star.
6, Charities mean organizations that make mony by selling (货物) or services.
7, Usually the curtain hangs in front of the (舞台).
8, There comes Dad’s (声音) on the phone.
9, His (成功) was the result of hard work.
10, Excuse me. Where’s the (出口) to the garden, please.
B: 用所给单词的适当形式填空:
1,No time (be) nervous any more.
2,Everything seemed (happen) so fast and now it is all over.
3,A good (begin) is half of the success.
4,I wish I (have) a lot of money to halp poor people.
5,I hope (raise) enough money for Project Hope.
6,He (feel) very happy when the show began.
7,How do you make the car (move)?
8,There are some pictures (hang) on the wall.
9,Ricky hope there (be) more charity shows.
10,--How long you (learn) English, Pingping?
--For about five years.
1.It hangs in front of the stage.
hang (hung hung) “悬挂,吊着” e.g. He hung his clothes in the wardrobe.
Hang (hanged hanged) “吊死,绞死” e.g. The king hanged himself from a tree at last.
2.entrance “入口” exit “出口” the entrance to the cinema, the exit to the cinema
3.voice “嗓音,声音” speak in a loud (soft, sweet, high, low) voice,
sound 指任何声音,e.g. Light travels faster than sound. voice 指说话的声音,e.g. I couldn’t guess who he is from the voice. noise 指嘈杂声,e.g. Don’t make so much noise.
4.act v. “行动” action n. “行动” take action to do sth actor n. “男演员” actress n. “女演员”
5.perform v. “表演” performance n. “表演” performer n. “表演者”
6.It makes your voice sound louder. 它使你的声音听起来更大。 make sb. do sth. have sb. do sth. let sb. do sth. 使役动词后接不带to的动词不定式。
( 经过学习,你一定更好地掌握了本课内容吧?来试试你的身手吧!)
audience microphone performer light exit stage introduce
organize duty charity give out
1. The usually come to watch a show.
2. A can make your voice sound louder.
3. Why not your girl friend to us?
4. Fangfang is leaflets. She doesn’t have time to talk with you.
5. often perform a show.
6. They got a lot of support from .
7. When we finish watching a show, we often go to the .
8. My pop stars are on the now.
9. My uncle has many in this charity.
10. Do you know who the is?
B 选择题:
1,Miss Gao’s is very sweet, do you think so?
A,sound B,noise C,voice D, sing
2,The audience very excited to see the pop singers.
A,was B,were C,will D,would
3,Many people were ill the bad weather.
A,because B,because of C,so D,since
4,It isn’t easy a host, but it’s exciting.
A,be B,is C,to be D,are
5,There a charity show tomorrow.
A,will have B,is going to have
C,will be D,is
( 大家都来比一比,要细心哦!)
1. You mustn’t hang your school bag on the wall. (改为祈使句)
Your school bag on the wall.
2. I had to remember to look at the right camera at the right time. (对划线部分提问)
you have at the right time.
3. Mary hasn’t come to school today because she is ill. (改同义句)
Mary hasn’t come to school today .
4. If you want the students to hear you clearly, you should speak more loudly. (改同义句)
If you want the students to hear you clearly, you should speak
5. He was excited. He couldn’t fall asleep last night. (合并成一句)
He was couldn’t fall asleep last night.
Sunshine For All
Place: at Sunshine Theatre
Date: 29th April
Time: 7.30 p.m. ~9.30 p.m.
We hope to raise money to help poor children to go to school.
Donations are welcome.
There’ll be a 1 show 2 ‘Sunshine For All’ 3 29th April. The show will 4 held at Sunshine Theatre. We hope to 5 money to help 6 children 7 go to school. Tickets are 8 each. Of course, 9 are 10 welcome.