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The verb “keep” has many meanings: stay, store, continue, maintain, and prevent. With a preposition, this word changes its meaning very easily.

  1. When Sylvia travels, she can keep up with her work by using a laptop computer.
  She keeps in touch with her coworkers through email.
  (idiom: keep in touch = email, write, call; communicate)
  2. Mother kangaroos keep their babies in a pouch on their stomach.
  3. The people in the audience couldn’t keep themselves from laughing as they listened to the comedian perform his act.
  4. Many Americans keep using credit cards to buy things even though this habit can cause money problems later.
  5. This grocery store needs to keep its shopping carts outside because there’s no room inside the store.
  6. She had been keeping her cell phone in her purse, but now she keeps it in her front pocket.
  7. A: Where does he keep his money?
  B: He keeps it in a piggy bank. It was being kept in a bank, but then he decided to keep it at home.
  Put the verb “keep” into the correct verb tense or form. Some verbs are negative.
  1. They ___________ all of their money in the bank.(现在时)
  2. Where __________ you __________ your money?(现在时)
  3. Joe __________ talking when the teacher told him to stop, so he got in trouble.(过去式)
  4. Why __________ Elena ____________ her bread in the refrigerator?(现在时)
  5. The noise next door _______ _________ me awake.(现在进行时)
  6. Drinking all that coffee __________ probably ___________ him awake.(将来时)
  7. We __________ _____________ food in our tents when we go camping because of the bears.(现在时,否定)
  8. An extra set of keys to her house ________ ___________ inside that drawer.(现在时,被动)
  9. She ___________ ____________ any of the letters that he sent to her.(过去式,否定)
  10. How long ____________ he _______________ his motorcycle in his garage?(现在完成时)
  11. Why ___________ they ____________ in contact with each other?(现在完成时,被动)
  12. He says he _______ _______ _______ __________ calling them until they answer the phone.(“be going to”将来时)
  13. I __________ __________ ________ ___________ my snake in my dorm room.(“be able to”过去时)
  14. Mark _____________ a gun under his mattress.(现在时)
  15. The company needs ______ _________ track of its spending.(不定式)
  16. The milk __________ ___________ cold enough, so they threw it out.(过去时,被动,否定)
  17. Don’t move! __________ your hands where I can see them!(祈使句)

  1. keep 2. do; keep 3. kept 4. does; keep 5. is keeping 6. will; keep 7. don’t keep 8. is kept 9. didn’t keep 10. has; kept 11. haven’t; kept 12. is going to keep 13. wasn’t able to keep 14. keeps 15. to keep 16. wasn’t kept 17. Keep