9B Unit2 Reading2练习题

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苏教版牛津英语 Unit 2 Reading2 Date: 1月______日
Class ______________Name _______________ Marks_______________

1. It can iron my shirts after they __________( wash)
2.The USA is a country while our country is a (develop) one.
3.Mr Smith ______ a car .He is the ________ ( own ) of the car.
4.At last , he decided ________ ( give) up smoking .
5.What can you do if you decide that ________ ( have)a robot is too much trouble.
6.I have decided to write a __________(complain) letter for my broken bike.
7.The robot is designed ________( do) housework.
8.We don’t know what __________(happen) since yesterday.
( )1. You look _______ . What do you ______?
A. worried; worried about B. worry; worried about
C. worried; worry about D. worry; worry about
( )2. If you want to drive, you can buy a car which ______ in the air.
A. floats B. to floating C. float D. to float
( )3. A: How long did it ____you to work out the difficult Maths problem?
B: I ____about half an hour on it.
A. take , took B. spend, took C. spend, cost D. take , spent
( )4. I am not sure _____ he will come here. ______ he comes here, please let me know.
A. that, When B. that, If C. if, Whether D. whether, When
( )5. He hasn’t decided ________to go by bus or by train.
A. if B. whether C. how D. that
( )6. ---It’s better more vegetables than meat, isn’t it?  
---Yes. So we’d better more vegetables next time.  
A. eat, buy B. eat, to buy C. to eat, buy D. to eat, to buy  
( )7. This is a big class, and of the students girls.  
A. two-third, are B. second- three, is  C. two- thirds, are D. two-three, is 
( )8. You can hardly imagine a man ________ friends with a volleyball.
A. make B. making C. to make D. made
( )9. The water in the river smells terrible, people must __________ dirty things into it.
A. be stopped to throw B. be stopped from throwing
C. stop to throw D. stop from throwing
( ) 10. He didn’t study hard. ___________ he failed to pass the exam.
A. In order to B. As a result C. So that D. In order that
( ) 11. My watch doesn’t work. I must have it ___________.
A. repaired B. to repair C. repair D. repairing
( ) 12. The robot has three long arms ___________ its chest.
A. connecting to B. connect to C. connects to D. connected to
( ) 13. I think the robot _______ is very interesting.
A. who was made in China B. that made in China
C. made in China D. that come
( )14. The smoke was so thick that I was having trouble _______.
A. to breathe B. in breath C. with breathing D. breathing
( )15.Some people thought they were dangerous and would do ____ to them .
A. harmful B. harmless C. harmfully D. harm

三.根据汉语或所给词或首字母,完成所缺单词 (30%)
1--- Have you ___________(倒空) the dustbin? ---Yes, I did it hours ago.
2. She looked at the ____________ (镜子) carefully and then went out.
3.My radio doesn’t work. I will put two new ___________(电池) into it.
4. His robot can stand on four small ___________(轮子)
5. Put your things away. Your room is always in a __________(杂乱) and everything is ___________ (使分布) on the floor.
6. You should pay more attention to your ___________(订单)。
7. Robots can help Mum do the ___________(洗衣物) when there are dirty clothes.
8. Have the students ____________ (抄写) all the words on the blackboard?
9.My mother is ___________(熨烫)my father’s shirts now.
9. He wants to be a _____________(售货员)when he grows up.
10. In winter, the bird flu(禽流感) __________(病毒) is easier to spread.
课外拓展: ( 相信你的课外能力依然很棒)
Welcome to the Mars shuttle! You will find a few u__________ things in the bag under your seat. You can use them on our trip and a__________ we arrive. Please take out your bag now and become f__________ with the items in it.
Your air tank will allow you to b__________ outside on Mars. See the harness on the tank? You use it to carry the tank on your back. The tube coming out of the tank will carry air to your helmet. Inside the helmet, you can find a m____________. If you go out of your house on Mars, you can talk to your family members i___________ using it. And these s__________ space boots will allow you to walk on Mars. You also have a pair of special sunglasses for the trip. This will protect your eyes from the strong sunlight. Use your space timer instead o__________ a normal watch. Time passes differently on Mars and you don’t want to m__________ the shuttle back. In the bag, there are some vitamin pills for you if you feel s___________ on the trip. Lastly, remember to wear this temperature control suit. It will help your body adjust to the temperature on Mars.